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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


GEM clinic is fully licensed by MOH Malaysia to operate as an aesthetic clinic. GEM clinic is well known for its high standards and experienced professionals. Providing top-notch aesthetic treatment in a clinic setting with certified technology and products.

Board certification is one of the many yardsticks in determining a doctor's qualifications. It is important to know your aesthetician is licensed to practice. Our doctors are all certified by MMC and possess APC & LCP.

GEM clinic has one of the highest client satisfaction rates in the industry in Malaysia. It is recommended that clients choose aesthetic & beauty care providers based on credibility, experience and demonstrated practice history.

It is recommended you aim to arrive 5-10mins earlier. Call ahead and reschedule if you think you'll be more than five minutes late.

The cost of an aesthetic procedure varies widely depending on a variety of factors, including the procedure you choose, the number of sessions required, and your ultimate goals. GEM Clinic will assist you in developing a personalized care plan that is specific to your body, goals, and budget. 

As per insurance coverage, when the surgery is being performed to improve physical appearance only, it is usually not covered by insurance. However, if the surgery is more reconstructive and is needed to improve the function of a body part, it may be covered. Since insurance coverage varies, you will need to check with your own plan for specifics.

There are a number of financing options available with which many people are able to afford aesthetic enhancement. Please call and ask any of our friendly and knowledgeable financial representatives who can explain and recommend a suitable payment option, including Credit Installment/monthly payment and more.


Aesthetic procedures are performed on normal body parts in order to enhance or change its appearance using minimally invasive techniques. Many people find that aesthetic procedures can improve their self-esteem and give them a more positive body image, with little or no down time.

Cosmetic surgery is a unique discipline of medicine focused on enhancing appearance through surgical (invasive) techniques. Cosmetic surgery is usually performed on areas which function properly but lack aesthetic appeal. Cosmetic surgical procedures are invasive, hence longer recovery period as compared to aesthetic procedures.

Reconstructive plastic surgery is performed on a body part that is abnormal because of birth defects, trauma, developmental difficulties, infection, cancer, or other disease. It is often performed to restore or improve function to the affected body part but may also be done for physical appearance reasons as well.

While skin care and beauty treatments are at the forefront of both, the biggest difference between a Beauty Salon and an Aesthetics Clinic is the treatments that you can expect to receive there.

Clinics fall under the purview of the Ministry of Health (MOH), and are bound by guidelines that ensure aesthetic clinics don’t over-sell or over-promise, or use words which are promotional. This is really to ensure that clinics give various options, explain some of the benefits/risks, and allow clients to make informed choices. Botox, demal-fillers and many other aesthetic treatments at clinics are done by doctors, who understand and recommend treatment protocols based on experience, hence you are sure of safety.

Spas and beauty salons are not bound by the same MOH guidelines. And that means, these treatments tend to deliver to you an experience of relaxation and general wellness to soothe and unwind, rather than being classified as an actual medical treatment. They do not require authorisation and approval from MOH .

The ideal aesthetic treatment candidate is someone who is physically and emotionally healthy, and wants to improve their self-image and confidence by making a change to a physical trait. It is also important to have realistic expectations of treatment results.

Yes. In the last few decades there have been numerous advances made in aesthetic and regenerative medicine. These innovations have helped to make aesthetic procedures far safer and easier than ever before. Our aesthetic clinic is well known for its high standards and well experienced professionals and provides safe cutting edge aesthetic treatment in a clinic setting with state of the art technology. 


Yes. Consultation enhances diagnostic accuracy, hence better treatment outcome, saves money and time spent on ineffective therapies. Consultation provides the required knowledge to make informed decisions about your condition.

It is during consultation that we get to fully see your concern and understand your expectations, do examinations and make physical diagnosis. After which, we are able to finalize which method of treatment would produce the best result based on your current condition.

GEM Clinic’s ability to deliver the most natural look possible has gained the respect of many clients and peers alike. GEM Clinic acknowledges and cherishes your uniqueness and will strive to preserve your inherent natural appearance while enhancing your looks, leaving you with a more astonishing immaculate natural beauty. In many cases, family members and friends may remark upon your more youthful appearance, but they likely will not suspect that you had any aesthetic treatment without actually being informed.

The best way for you to know the simplest and safest treatment to achieve your goal, would be to schedule a free face to face consultation with our skin care expert/doctor. SIMPLICITY & SAFETY are part of our 5S clinical practice principle, so you can be rest assured.

Our practitioners are always available at the clinic if you have any concerns regarding the aesthetic outcome of your treatment.

During the follow up visit, if any touch-up is needed, it will be done.