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Nose Deformities


Nose Deformities

Nose deformities can be classified as either cosmetic or functional. Cosmetic nose deformities affect the physical appearance of the nose. Functional nose deformities affect the function of the nose, which may include problems with breathing or smell.

Types of Nose Deformities

Flat Nose

Wide Nostrils

Crooked Nose

Saddle Nose

Droopy Tip

Bulbous Tip

Dorsal Hump

Deviated Septum

What causes it

What causes Nose Deformities?


A congenital disorder is a condition that is present from birth. It can be inherited or caused by environmental factors.


In infants, trauma may have occurred during childbirth. In children and adults, there are many causes of trauma to the nose such as during contact sports or accidents.


The aging process can cause weakening of the nasal structures. Hence, causing drooping of the nose that leads to airway obstruction.

The goal of treatment is to change the appearance of the nose, improve breathing, or both.

Treatment Options

Rhinoplasty or what is known as a nose job is a surgical procedure that reshapes the nose for a harmonious symmetry whilst addressing functional issues where applicable. Rhinoplasty offers the most significant change to a patient's facial features as the nose is the most prominent part of a person's face. 

AT GEM Clinic, we use a combination of soft and firm dermal fillers to augment the nose bridge, camouflage nasal humps and raise the nose tip slightly for a 3D effect. However, there is a limit to what is achievable with nose fillers and it should be used with caution and moderation. The results are also temporary. 

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