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Breast Lift


Breast Lift

Breast lift or mastopexy is a cosmetic surgical procedure to lift saggy or droopy breasts without implants and return them to a more youthful and attractive position.

What does it do?

  • Lift sagging breast
  • Correct uneven breasts
  • Correct downward facing nipples
  • Raise nipples above the breast crease 
  • Youthful breast contour




Safe &

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How it works

How does Breast Lift work?

As the body ages, the skin and supporting structures of the breast lose their natural elasticity and firmness. As a result, the breasts can begin to stretch and sag. Pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight fluctuations also contribute to saggy breasts. 

During breast lift, excess skin is removed and the surrounding tissue is tightened and reshaped to restore firmness and raise the breasts back to its youthful shape. Other than that, the nipple and areola(the darker skin around the nipple) will be reshaped and repositioned to a more youthful location on the breast during a breast lift. 

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About breast lift

What condition it treats

Saggy breast is the result of loss in breast elasticity and firmness which can be due to pregnancy and aging. Breast lift can rejuvenate breasts that have sagged and return them to a more youthful and attractive position.

Breast asymmetry occurs when one breast has a different size, volume or position from the other. Breast lift helps to correct uneven breasts by changing the shape without implants, generally to attain a lifting effect.

As areolas are part of the skin, they can stretch as we get older, gain weight or during pregnancy and may not return to the previous size. Stretched and large areola can be reduced during breast lift surgery creating an overall better proportioned, natural looking breast.

Related Treatments

Breast augmentation or breast enhancement surgery involves using breast implants or fat grafting to increase the size of the breasts.

Breast Reduction is a surgical procedure that removes breast fat, tissue and skin to ease discomfort or to achieve a breast size proportionate to the body.  

Nipple/Areola Reduction is a minor surgical procedure that aims to reduce the size and improve the shape of the nipple/areola.
Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions?

During the breast lift surgery, the patient will be under general anesthesia and not feel any pain. You may experience some pain or discomfort after the surgery, but pain relief and detailed post-surgery instructions and meticulous care will be given.

Breast lift is a surgical procedure to improve the shape of breasts by lifting droopy and sagging breasts. On the other hand, breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that augments the shape and size of the breast through breast implant or fat grafting. 

In some cases, breast lift alone may not achieve a patient’s desired results. If a patient wants larger and lifted breasts, a breast augmentation with breast lift can be done in a single procedure and recovery.

In general, breast lift results last for about 10 to 15 years. However, it is important to understand that the aging process, future pregnancy or weight fluctuations can still affect the results. Patients can prolong the results by avoiding weight fluctuation, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and waiting for breast lift surgery until they are done having children and breastfeeding. 

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