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Long Nipple & Large Areola


Long Nipple & Large Areola

The average female nipple height is about 0.9cm and average areola diameter about 4cm. A disproportionate nipple or areola can give the breast an imbalanced appearance and can be very challenging, making women uncomfortable to show their breasts.

How Long Nipple & Large Areola look

Long Nipple

Large Areola

What causes it

What causes Long Nipple & Large Areola?


Genetics has the biggest role in determining the size of areola and length of nipples. Some women are simply born with long nipples and large areola. 

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

During pregnancy, women’s nipples elongate and areolas get larger and darker in preparation for breastfeeding.  They may also grow as your breasts expand with pregnancy weight gain. These changes can return to their pre-pregnancy appearance after stopping breastfeeding, but sometimes may not.

Surgery can be done to permanently reduce the size of the nipple and areola. This surgery is often done in the context of other breast surgeries, but it can also be done on its own.

Treatment Options

Nipple/Areola Reduction is a minor surgical procedure that aims to reduce the size and improve the shape of the nipple/areola to create an overall better proportioned breast. As nipples/areolas are part of the skin, they can stretch as we get older, gain weight or during pregnancy/breastfeeding and may not return to the previous size. 

Similar Conditions

There is no official designation for large breasts. However, it ultimately comes down to whatever a patient feels is large for their frame.

Saggy breast or breast ptosis is a very common condition. It is the result of loss in breast elasticity and firmness giving the breast a saggy appearance.

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