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Breast Asymmetry


Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry refers to when one breast is a different size, shape or position than the other. Majority of women have mild breast asymmetry. However, when the asymmetry is significant it may affect a person’s body image, self-esteem and confidence.

How Breast Asymmetry looks

Different Size

Different Shape

Different Position

What causes it

What causes Breast Asymmetry?


Many women have asymmetrical breasts during puberty, and about 25% of these women will have lasting breast asymmetry into adulthood.


Asymmetry is common during the development of breasts in adolescence. Commonly, breast asymmetry resolves by the time breasts are fully developed(typically by age 18). The final degree of breast asymmetry cannot be determined until this time.


Injury to breast tissue before or after it has fully developed can lead to breast asymmetry. Possible injuries are trauma, infection, or radiation to one side of the chest.

Depending on a patient’s needs, a combination of treatment procedures are needed to get the desired results.

Treatment Options

Depending on the nature and severity of your breast asymmetry, breast augmentation can help create a more even and natural-looking contour. The surgery involves changing the size, shape or position of one or both the breasts.

Patients who have asymmetrical breast size may be happy with the volume of the smaller breast, and choose to undergo reduction of the larger breast instead. During the procedure, tissues are surgically removed and repositioned resulting in a smaller breast.

When one of the breasts is positioned lower than the other, breast lift surgery repositions the breast on the chest wall so it mirrors the look of the other breast. Breast tissue is surgically removed, resulting in an improved breast shape with restored firmness. 

Similar Conditions

Saggy breast or breast ptosis is a very common condition. It is the result of loss in breast elasticity and firmness giving the breast a saggy appearance.

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