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Accessory Breast


Accessory Breast

Accessory breast also known as polymastia or supernumerary breast, is the condition of having an additional breast. The axilla is the most common site for accessory breast. Although they may be asymptomatic, axillary accessory breast can cause cosmetic concerns, pain, or restriction in arm movements.

Types of Accessory Breast

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What causes it

What causes Accessory Breast?


Accessory breast typically occur in the womb. During normal development, breast tissue will develop along the milk line which is from the axilla to the groin. The breast tissue will regress before birth except for the breast tissue at the chest which forms our normal breasts. Accessory breast develop when the additional breast tissue does not regress before birth and it can occur at any point along the milk line. 

Accessory breast present from birth but it often increases in size or becomes noticeable with aging, weight gain/loss, puberty, pregnancy or breastfeeding. It is also sensitive to hormonal changes. 

Treatment of accessory breast is mainly surgical, especially for larger sized areas that are cosmetically obvious or causing symptoms.

Treatment Options

Accessory breast removal is a surgical procedure whereby accessory breast tissue, most commonly at the underarm is removed to restore the naturally smooth contours of the body. It can removed by liposuction, excision or both. 

Similar Conditions

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